Web Design Makeover


    This client was an early adapter; he got a website in the 1990’s when not everyone had one. He was one of the first and in 2016 he decided that it might be time for a web design makeover. We were able to give him an easy to use WordPress web design which allows him to update prices on all of the rental supplies. Check out the before and after images below. In the before picture they had the phone number follow the mouse cursor. It was one of those things we used to think was so awesome in the 1990’s. Also since our monitors were 800 pixels wide back then it filled the entire screen. In 2016 monitors are much wider so the old website only occupied the left hand side of the monitor. Please click the AFTER MAKEOVER picture if you would like to see the live site.

    • Photoshop
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • WordPress
    • Web Development using PHP

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