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Fort Lauderdale Website Design began back in 1995 when I heard about a brand new online thing called the World Wide Web.  I connected to my super slow dial up connection and read all I could about this because it seemed to me that everyone would want to have a presence. I thought this would be like being in the Yellow Pages of the phone book but more like being in every Yellow Pages book in the world. I never thought this was just going to be some passing fad so I learned all I could about web design.

There was no school teaching this subject at the time so I discovered that if I would right click on any website then I’d see a dialog box that opened up with an option “View Source” and there I could see the code. By examining the code that I found on many websites I realized that I could learn HTML programming language.  As time went by I found some online seminars and improved my skills. It didn’t take long before I realized that other programmers had skills I didn’t have and they were able to connect websites to databases.

These database driven websites as they were called allowed you to have a much bigger website that could do a lot more than just have some static HTML pages. This led me to hire database programmers. One of the things we could do by connecting a database to the website was that we could quickly add a lot of products that people wanted to sell online in a whole new way.  We were building online stores which were also known as ecommerce websites way back in the 1990’s. We were also able to build more complex systems that could keep track of inventory and email the site owner when inventory was reaching a predetermined level. For example you might have 100 of a certain item in stock and you set the website to email you when inventory drops to 5 remaining.

At the same time that I hired database programmers with a computer science degree I realized that I have no design skills so I also hired graphic designers. In the beginning I only had to tell people I could make a website and they’d hire me because there simply wasn’t any competition. I knew my good fortune couldn’t last and I’d need to do something to differentiate myself from the other web designers.  I hired a writer with a Master’s Degree in Non-Fiction Writing and she writes all the text for my clients. I only needed to hear a couple of clients tell me they’d need some time to write the text before I realized how important this would be. Since that day I began telling everyone that I’m not going to ask them to do all the work so that I can just copy and paste it into a website. The clients loved this idea that we’d write all the content for them and often told me how relieved they were about this. Many people told me they put off getting a website because they didn’t have time to write all the text.

Being a Fort Lauderdale web design company allows me to meet with new clients face to face whenever possible. I also setup online meetings for people that have busy schedules and don’t want to meet in person. In an online meeting I share my screen and show potential web design clients examples of different options they might like in their new site.

When I’m not busy with Fort Lauderdale Website Design then I’m either scuba diving or bike riding. I’m fortunate to live in South Florida because we have a beautiful reef system just off our shores; I literally swim right out to the reefs.  You can only do this from about Deerfield Beach South to Miami and if you go further north or south then the reef is too far for swimming.  For example if you’ve ever been diving or snorkeling in the Florida Keys you took a boat because within swimming distance you’ll only see sand.

When I’m biking I have two bikes that I use; one is a mountain bike and the other is a road bike.  The difference is that the mountain bike is a heavy, sturdy bike made for riding over rocks, tree roots and so on.  The road bike is super lightweight and made for going fast.  Now I only use the mountain bike for longer leisurely rides such as going to the beach.  I used to love mountain biking on trails but even with protective gear I got injuries including a torn ligament in my shoulder that required surgery.  So now I stick to riding my road bike most of the time. The road bike is a super lightweight bike with carbon fiber used in the frame, handlebars, seat post and even my wheels are carbon fiber. I entered a triathlon with my niece and her daughter as a coed relay.  My niece did the swim, her daughter did the run and I did a 22 mile bike ride. So far I’ve entered two triathlons as a coed relay and in 2016 I was the second fastest biker with a time of 1:17:01 and the person who beat me was only one minute and one second faster. Next time if I just cut 3-seconds off of each mile in this 22 mile race then I could be the fastest biker, assuming the first place guy doesn’t pick up his speed any.

I also watch cooking shows, cooking YouTube videos and make excellent, gourmet pizzas. My specialties in the kitchen include Italian, Indian and lately I’m working on my Mexican cooking skills. For Thanksgiving each year we have 20-30 guests and I make Cajun Fried Turkey, which is nothing at all like fried chicken.

Client Testimonials

  • Some other company made my first website and you couldn’t find me in a search even if you searched by my name. I had Advertising Excellence, Inc. make my new website and now people who don’t even know me find me just by searching for “Fort Lauderdale dentist”.

    Dr. Natalia Benda


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Web Design Services

We offer the following web design services

Web Development

With advanced and very robust programming techniques we are able to create any online application that you may need. There is no project too difficult for us; we have been working as custom web developers since 1995. We have custom developed plenty of options that might work for you that you may not even know are possible. Find out what our experience in web development can do for you.

Social Media Marketing

We help companies like yours develop a social media marketing strategy. Don’t have time for all this Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media marketing nonsense? We can handle it all for you, if you prefer, so that you can concentrate on running your business.

App Development

We will help you with ideas for custom app development for your business. You may have a basic idea of how you’d like your app to work and we can offer our suggestions on how to add all the features the public will want and expect. As custom app developers there are no restrictions on what we can create for you.

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